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Joe’s life is framed by small and simple happiness. Though during the past three years, he has had repeated health setbacks due to heart surgery and a stroke. Joe’s stroke resulted in the loss of partial eyesight and limited use of his right-side. This impairs his ability to continue his passion for designing fine metal art for churches, along with causing difficulty in performing some of the daily tasks we often take for granted.


When his “sweetheart”— as he affectionately calls her— Wendy first joined the Y, we noticed that Joe would wait patiently in the lobby during her workout. During these visits, Joe mentioned that he was currently going through Post Transplant Cardiac Rehabilitation. As part of his rehab, Joe used a NuStep recumbent cross trainer to exercise. For stroke survivors, being active and exercising improves strength, balance, endurance and long-term brain health. These benefits can mean the difference between dependence and independence.


So, after an anonymous donation was given, the Y’s team immediately knew how to invest this generous gift. The Y purchased a NuStep machine for Joe and other members like him that need access to low-impact functional fitness.


Now Joe can’t wait to come to the Y and he no longer waits in the lobby; he exercises alongside Wendy. After each workout, he comments that he is working hard and knows he is getting stronger. He is grateful, feels independent and has a new purpose. “His outlook gives me strength. His enthusiasm is mine,” says Wendy. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the Y’s commitment to supporting members as they achieve health and wellness goals, Joe, and others recovering from a stroke, cardiac surgery or balance issues, are becoming better, together.


At the Y, we empower the community to embrace wellness through all circumstances of life, because we know life-long healthy habits makes us Better Together.

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