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Jenny’s mom, like so many other moms, needed a summer place her daughter could interact with other children and be herself in a caring and nurturing environment. But unlike other moms, Jenny’s daughter had severe autism. Jenny’s mom, Sharon, reached out to the Y hoping
there was a program her daughter could enroll in. Sharon sought a program where Jenny could learn the life skills she needed while making friends, and our summer day camp program was the perfect place!


Jenny was six years old when she started camp. At the time, she was primarily non-verbal and had a fear of water. Even though her mom knew she was being left in good hands, she was still nervous leaving her that first day of camp, but something beautiful happened that summer. Jenny was embraced by all the children and staff at camp! She made many new friends and started opening up to new experiences.


By the end of that summer Jenny had made significant progress, especially when it came to swimming. Jenny’s counselors worked with her on getting in the water for little periods at a time. By the end of summer, you could see a significant change in how Jenny felt about water. Every year after that, Jenny became more and more comfortable being in the water. She would be in the pool for longer periods of time, and eventually would even get her face wet without needing her towel right away.


The Y positively impacted not only Jenny’s life, but also her parents’ lives. Previously, Jenny’s fear of water made even bath time challenging. By coming to camp and swimming every day, Jenny was able to overcome her fear of water, and she made some great friends and memories along the way!


At the Y, we promote inclusion in all of our programming, because we know diversity makes us Better Together.

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