The Y is about being connected. At one time or another you have had a special connection to the Y. Perhaps it is where you or your children attended Summer Camp, learned to swim, or how to play basketball, developed a new hobby, met your best friend or your kids have blossomed and thrived. We feel that connection too. 

As a nonprofit organization, we keep you and our neighbors connected to the services and programs that provide everyone a chance to thrive. With your support, we are able to provide scholarships and financial assistance so we can continue to be here for all. Contributions also support a number of programs that we deliver to the community at little or no cost including Youth & Senior Food Programs, Affordable Housing, Child Care, Summer Camp, Safety Around Water and much more.

Our 2023 Spring Impact Campaign is your way to connect and support our essential programs and services to our Lehigh Valley community.

Choose your Branch below to learn how you can help.


If you would like to direct your donation to a specific program and not to a particular Branch, you can designate your donation by typing in the name of the program you wish to support. This function can also be used to make a gift in honor of a person or group.

If you prefer to make a donation by mail, then please send your contribution to:

Greater Valley YMCA

Attn: Development Department

2132 South 12th Street, Suite 201

Allentown, PA 18103


2023 Spring Impact Campaign Donors:

updated June 5, 2023

Anonymous Donors  
Thomas Ahern
William Allem
Kevon Allen
Marla Altieri
Julie Ambrose
Robert Amey
GVY Anonymous
Omayma Arafa
Arthur J Gallagher Foundation
Kathleen M. Bair
Stephen Bajan II
Michele Balaban
Walter H. Barnett
Gladys Barry
David Bartholomew
Devin Bartholomew
Fred Bartosh
Barbara Batha
Cassidy Bell
Tim Benner
Rob Bennett
David Bernini
Stephen Besz
Anna M. Bet
Tracy M. Bodnar
Tahis Bonilla Rios
Brandy Bortz
John R. Boylan
Marylu Briggs
Esperanza Brizuela-Garcia
Evelyn M. Broad
Jim Brockington
Brown and Brown of Lehigh Valley
Brubaker Funeral Home
Matthew Brushwood
Carol Budick
Flossie Burker
Virginia Calabrese-Beltz
Campbell, Rappold & Yurasits LLP   
Sue Carbary
Ayn Carey
Sam Chabak
Joseph Chapman
Fred Chen
Forks Y. Child Care
Rhonda Christensen
CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
Barbara Clark
Frank Cocivera
Dorothy Cockrell
Kate Cohen
Doreen Connelly
Claire Cook
Angela Cosune
Lorena Cruz-Suero
Olga Melissa Cuff
Timothy Dahl
Debra S. David
Edward Davis
Amber De Schoolmeester
Jack & Patricia Debellis
Gabby DeJesus
Ashiya Delarosa
Robert J. DellaVecchia
Jennifer DeLong
Margaret M. DeNardo
Peter Dent
David Deshler
Richard A. Deutsch
Ronald E. Devine
Linda J. Dicker
Marc Dienstman
Thomas H. Dinkelacker
Michael Dodge
Catherine M. Dolan
Kevin Dolan
Debra A. Dorn
Barbara Dragotta
Muriel Dragotta
Beverly Druckenmiller
Caitlin Easterday
Shirley Edwards
John T. Eisenhard
Sara Epple
David Fagerstrom
Cinthia Falcon Lopez
Jada Figueroa
Jeffrey E. Finegan Sr
Dian Fisher
Eugene M. Flanley
Lena D. Fontano
Adrienne Fors
Dominic J. Fortino
Alfred Fox
Heidi Fritts
Marsha Fritz
Fulton Financial Advisors
Rosemary A. Gallagher
Donna Gasser
Bryan M. Gault
Helen Gervacio
Marlene Giaquinto
Dylan Gonzalez Torres
Cora Gorman
Tom Gorman
Angela Gramlich
Karen Green
John T. Grinnan
Nailah Hardison
Cecile L. Harvey
Jill Heck
Allison Heinsohn
Katherine Heller
Tiffany Henning
Susan Herschlag
Steve Heryla
Marlene Hess
Keianne Hicks
Kimberly Horvath
Horwith Trucks Inc
Ellen D. Iobst
Heidi K. Itkor
John Jr. and Michael Rohall Jr. Foundation   
Haldis Johnson
Rasean Johnson
Frederick Jones
Brenda J. Jordan
Jacqueline Y. Karpow
Michael Katchur
Shannon Kemmerer
Amanda Knauss
Tiffany Kresge
Patricia Lambert
Timothy D. Larney
James P. Laubenstein
David Leber
Erin Leeds
Kathleen Legat
Elizabeth Lentz
Salvatore Liccardi
Howard Lieberman
Melanie Lisicky
Herbert G. Litvin
Ann Loh
Marlene Lorenzo
Mike Macharsky
John E. Mann
Anne Marhefka Lehr
Nancylee Marks
Jessica Marselles
Leonard F. Marzen
Christina McCann
Heather McIntyre
Crystal Messer
Bernard Metz
Lori L. Metz
Ruthann Metz
Deborah Meyers
George Meyner
Andrew Mihalik
Richard Milberg
Jennifer Miller
Joan Miller
Julie Millhouse
Barbara A. Moran
Karina Morla
Eileen Moser
Mary Mowrer-Gano
Fabian Mulero
Thomas Mutton
Jan Muzyczka
Rosa Nacipucha-Fernandez
Patricia A. Natisin
Mahasen R. Neamah
Dominic P. Nicolosi
Julie Novick
Cynthia G. O'Brien
Dona Obal
Mary Oladapo
Lewis Parker
James M. Penyak
Junior Peque
Richard A. Phifer
Jan Phillips
Janet Pinto
Joseph Pinto
Judith A. Piper
Albert Piperata
Platinum Star Cleaning Services   
Louis P. Polentes
Deb Price
Marie Rappa
Patricia Revolus-Guiteau
Paul Reynolds
Faye L. Richelderfer
Jeffrey T. Riddle
Beverly A. Robinson
Lissa Rojas Polanco
Mary Russo
Duman S. Sahota
Denise Sandt
Kathryn W. Santana
Lilliam S. Santiago-Taveras
Rebecca Schappell
Michael E. Schneider
Frederick R. Schuler
Shandel Sedgwick
Marlene Sharkazy
Joann M. Silva
Jon Simons
Judy Skyfield
Joan Slover
Dick Smith
Janice E. Smith
Michael Smith
Robert Smith
Ryan Smith
Sebastian Smith
Shawn Smith
Theresa Smith
John Snyder
Lois Sobchack
Jerry W Stametz
Sophie Stametz
Barbara A. Steigerwalt
Robert E. Sterling
Kenneth F. Steward
Paul Story
Vince Stravino
Richard Strelecki
Ilene Stroh
Crystal Svitilla
Ann Szmania
Thomas Tierney
Schara Tims
Jennifer Toro
Virginia Totin
John Tredrea
Lowenky Troncoso
Emily Unger
Jeff Unger
Tami Unger
Samantha Villanueva
Nancy Walters
Jack Wasilow
Ashley Wedley
Carla Weiss
Linda Weiss
Don Welker
Rosalie Wertman
Allison E. Williams
Witt's Tree Service
Michele Wo
Wynonna Wo
Beth Yengel
Bruce Young
Jack T. Zilfou


Join the Y


Households across our community have different needs so we offer a variety of membership types. Each of our locations offer many different programs, schedules, and classes therefore offerings and fees may vary by branch.


Please select a branch near you for more information


Greater Valley YMCA Membership Handbook

Financial Assistance


Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. At The Y, no child, family or adult is turned away due to an inability to pay.


Financial assistance awards are assessed on a case by case basis during a one-on-one, confidential session with a staff member. Those interested in applying for our financial assistance program are encouraged to download this form in English or download this form in Spanish, or stop in to any of our branches to learn more and pick up an application.

Program Registration


To register for member and non-member programs, please use our secure Online Registration.

Our Mission  |  To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.