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A heart filled with love can create a Season of Possibilities


For Grandmother Crystal-or Nanny, as she is affectionately called- the Y's Child Care team has served as a part of her family support system for years. Almost three years ago, Crystal, who has fourteen grandchildren, received a call that one of her grandchildren, Chrissy, was in need of a new home. 


With two of her grandchildren already legally adopted and one in need of daytime medical care, Crystal turned to the Y to help Chrissy learn, grow and thrive. Support provided by Y staff ensured Chrissy could continue learning with a scholarship through the Y's Financial Assistance Program.


It takes a village to raise a child,

and the Y is here to provide children and families with compassionate support.


In the lives of Crystal and Chrissy, and thousands of families like theirs throughout the Lehigh Valley, the Y is so much more than an organization. The Y is a resource hub providing possibilities for local children, families and Seniors to belong, connect and thrive.


During this season of giving and miraculous possibilities,

would you please consider a $25, $50, or even a $250 gift, helping the Y create more possibilities for our neighbors just like Crystal and her grandchildren?





We are grateful to all of our generous Greater Valley YMCA partners and supporters! Your support ensures we are able to continuously provide care and services to those in need throughout our entire community. Throughout the holiday season, we will update this page to acknowledge all who donate to our 2022 Season of Possibilities Campaign.



Red Ribbon Level Supporters

Anonymous Donor, Louis Allegra, Rob Bennett, Wendy Bingert, Evelyn M. Broad, James Chase, Gayle Cichocki, Sara Epple, George J. Ferrio, Keith Good, Robert C. Hunsicker, KOME Japanese Restaurant, Anne Kuna, Caroline E. Lee (In Honor of Erin Leeds, Kristen Mayberry, Julie Novick), Magellan Financial, Edward C. McHugh, Bernard Metz, William S. Proehl, David Serfass, Beverly Shively-Boran (In Memory of Linda Boyer), Sharon L. Siegler, Andrew Tillinghast, Joan Uliana (In Memory of George Uliana), Richard Villone, Linda Weiss










Gold Ribbon Level Supporters 


Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor (In Honor of Maribel Tandazo), Marylu Briggs (In Memory of Dale Briggs), Jim Brockington, Sue Carbary, Lew Corcoran, Linda Dicker, Otto Dreydoppel (In Honor of Frank Frey), Nora El-Aasser, Dan Ellenberger, Ernest Finizio, James Flagg, John Fontana, Frank Ford, Humberto Gomez, Lawrence Heindel, Janet Kline, Herbert Litvin, Sebastian (Nello) & Janice (Jan) Loiacono, George Meyner (In Memory of William L. Meyner), James Petro, Brian D. Richardson, Faust M. Ruggiero, Caroline Saucer, Donna M. Schlegel (In Memory of John Schlegel), Dick Smith, Jerry W Stametz, Jane Strain, Ann Szmania, Leonard G. Witt, Womans Club of Catasauqua










Silver Ribbon Level Supporter


Anonymous Donor, Katy Albanese, Joy L. Alford, Fred Bartosh, Jerome V. Baucom (In Memory of Daniel Lyons), Tim Benner, Robert D. Blocker, David J. Bossert, Barry J. Boyer, Linda Brown, William A. Brucker, Lee A. Buck, Jacqueline S. Byrnes (In Memory of Thomas Byrnes), Virginia Calabrese-Beltz, Eve Campbell, Elaine S. Cederquist, Elizabeth Chronister, Barbara Clark (In Memory of Robert A. Clark), Dorothy Cockrell, David Cogan, Claire Cook, Michael Dartouzos, Unok Davis, Hans P. Dechterenko, Margaret M. DeNardo, Charles W. Dent (In Honor of Peter Dent), Richard A. Deutsch, Sharon Donchez, Sam Donnelly, David Fagerstrom, Lena D. Fontano, Dominic Fortino, Diane Fries, Heidi Fritts (In Memory of Joan and Burns Bamford), Russel J. Geiger, Diana Gerbino (In Memory of Joseph Gerbino), Diana Gerbino (In Memory of Joseph Ravese), Judith Grim, John Grinnan, Andrea Gross, Donna Grund, Beverly M. Hannah (In Memory of Theodore Hannah), Steve Heryla, Tamatha C. Isenberg, Judith Jurczak, Michael Katchur, Metro (Skip) Ketz, Elizabeth "Liz" Knittle, David Kocis, Rong Kuo, Gary and Betsy Lagensiepen (In Memory of Gene Lagensiepen), David Leber, Kathleen Legat, Geraldine R. Light, Steven W. Lindstedt, Frances Lipp, Richard Lisicky, Mary Maroski, Merrill Creek Conservation & Sportsmen's Association, Andrew Mihalik, Richard Milberg (In Memory of Linda Boyer), Charlotte Miller, Michael Misko, Richard A. Morrison, Phillip B. Moser, Anthony Mutarelli, Patricia A. Natisin (In Memory of John J. Natisin), Ronaldo Palabay (In Memory of Merceoita R. Palabay), Janet Pinto (In Memory of John Pinto), Sharon Pinto, Joseph Pinto, Judith A. Piper (In Memory of William Piper), Louis P. Polentes, Yury Popev, Joseph Radogna, Diane Redmond, Cheryl J. Reesman, Stephen Repasch, Beverly A. Robinson, Patty Rogers, Nicholas P. Rosato, Dianne Shamp, Marlene Sharkazy, Judith W. Sheftel, Lola Shepherd, Albert Skeath, Janice E. Smith (In Memory of Harry G. Smith), William H. Steckel (In Memory of Frank Steckel), Barbara A. Steigerwalt, Mannie Stivers, Vince Stravino, Richard Strelecki, Karen T. Sweeney, Kenneth Tzeng, Walter Unangst, Philip Viglione, Suzanne  Wagner, Sandra Weida, Maryellen E. Werkheiser, Michele Wittman, Beth Yengel, Sherry Yost, Ronald Zeiner, Alan Zulli














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Financial Assistance


Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. At The Y, no child, family or adult is turned away due to an inability to pay.


Financial assistance awards are assessed on a case by case basis during a one-on-one, confidential session with a staff member. Those interested in applying for our financial assistance program are encouraged to download this form in English or download this form in Spanish, or stop in to any of our branches to learn more and pick up an application.

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