2020 Season of Possibilities

We Are Grateful for Our Generous Supporters



We are grateful to all of our generous Greater Valley YMCA partners and supporters. Throughout the holiday season, we will update this page to acknowledge all who donate to our 2020 Season of Possibilities Campaign


Kimya Afshar, Sharon Allegra, Jeffrey Bogert, Gayle Cichocki, Edward Davis, In Honor of Peter Dent, Ron Donchez, Sarah Epple, George Ferrio, Lauren Fine, James Flagg, In Memory of Frank & Clare Gault, Barbara George, Aaron Hammell, Nancy Holler, Robert C. Hunsicker, Mark Kuna, Stephen D. Long, In Memory of Tim Macy, Charles Marcon, In Memory of Erma Metz, Metz, Inc., Robert Moore, Susan Quigg, In Memory of Timothy Roper, Kenneth W. Schuette, Sharon Siegler, Dick Smith,  Ken Termini, Andrew Tillinghast, Robert Tobin, In Memory of George Uliana, Sam Van Allen, Linda Weiss




Robert Bauer, In Honor of Pat and Sandy Beldon, Carol Bennicoff, Wendy Bingert, Silvana Bliven, In Memory of Walter Boran, Mac Briggs, In Memory of Thomas Broad, In Memory of Grace T. Brown, Dominick Buscemi, Eckhard F. Busse, Sue Carbary, Lew Corcoran, Deborah E. Cornwell, In Memory of Marjorie Dent, Otto Dreydoppel, Dan Ellenberger, Audrey Ettinger, David Fagerstrom, Vera Fennell, Dian Fisher, James Fox, Bradley Frikkers, Grace J. Fried, Dorian Garbin, Edward R. Hawrylo, John Kingfield, Janet Kline, Herbert Litvin, Pat Lower, Steven B. Molder, MaryAnn Muffley, My Lien Nguyen, Renee P. O'Neil, Bruce Petrie, Rebecca Pringle, Phyllis Pugliesi, Stephen Repasch, Thoams Schadt, Judith W. Sheftel, In Memory of John Schlegel, Linda Seng, In Memory of Harry G. Smith, Lambert Stammerjohn, Art Williams, Alicia Zilker



Jack Alhadeff, In Memory of Ernest & Lula Bartholomew, Barbara Batha, Basil Blaiotta, Charles Bednar, Tracy Bodnar, Barry J. Boyer, Michael Briody, Evelyn M. Broad, Linda Brown, In Memory of Geraldine Ceraul, Eric Chiles, Gerald Collins, Ruth Compton, Susan Costa, In Memory of Marjorie Dent, Richard Deutsch, Dean Donaher, In Honor of Rob Donchez, Sharon Donchez, Patrick Dunning, Karmel Dutt, In Honor of Jeanne Edwards, Derna Elton, Erica E. Ficzko, Donald Fleming, Lena D. Fontano, Dominic Fortino, Richard Freeman, Diane Fries, John B. Fugere, Joseph Gaffney, R. Jay Geiger, Jeanette Gonzalez, Tom Gorman, Karen Green, George Grim, Donna Grum, Ernie Guinta,  Lori A. Hallman, Gloria Hamm, In Memory of Theodore Hannah, Anna Marie Hartzell, Richard Hixon, Nancy Hofmann, Stanley T. Holmes, Jr, Krista Hontz, Rosemarie Horan, Carol Kelley, Metro (Skip) Ketz, Min Kim, Ken Kissinger, Elizabeth "Liz" Knittle, Jill Kotcher, Loralie L. Kozuch, Mia Lampa, Shirley A. Lieberman, Mary Jo Lodge, Victor Machado, Ruthann Mann, Louise Marina, Lora Marzuoli, Eileen McArthur, Michele McCaffrey, Heather McIntyre, Timothy Mellert, In Memory of John Menio, Aristothea Michailaros, Judith Montes, Lois R. Mory, Catherine L. Mulhollem, Anthony Mutarelli, Jodi Perry-Petrozak, Joanne Pickel, Judith A. Piper, Patricia Rebbeck, Marita Reeder, William H. Reesman, Jennifer Richardson, James Rocca, Francis Ronco, Faust Ruggiero, Martin Sauder, Roxanne Scheidt, Dianne Shamp, Marlene Sharkazy, In Memory of Harry G. Smith, Robert Sterling, Carl Stolpe, Frederick R. Tedesco, Alan C. Tjeltveit, Virginia Totin, Dawn Trach, Janice M. Unangst, Janet Wallace, Maryellen E. Werkheiser, Alice Wilson, Michele Wittman, In Memory of Kenneth Yengel, Sherry Yost




To learn more about how the Y supported community members throughout 2020, watch our impact video below: 


YMCA Impact Update 2020 from ASR Media Productions on Vimeo.


If you would like to see your name on this page, please click here to donate to our 2020 Season of Possibilities Campaign. 


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