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Since their beginnings, the Allentown YMCA continually evolve to respond to the critical needs of the community. To this day, community leaders on Y Boards along with dedicated staff address issues that affect the quality of life in Allentown.

Today, the YMCA address current issues and respond:

  • The health and obesity crisis is addressed through YMCA Active America and ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental Change). A partnership in its fourth year led by the Allentown YMCA and the Health Bureau, we draw on community leaders from the city, colleges, hospitals, and school district to create a healthier community together.
  • Youth Development: With a focus on character development, asset development, educational and literacy programs, skill development, thousands of you are guided in a direction to become caring, compassionate, successful adults.
  • Over 90% of the children at our 15th Street child care center come from low income families.
  • The aging population is served through 27 classes that provide strength, endurance and socialization to help 800 seniors stay independent and strong.
  • The government and community support for our current services in this increasingly low income neighborhood is nearing $1 million annually. Local organizations frequently call on the Y as a partner in responding to community needs.


Please click below to download press releases regarding the organizational changes at the Allentown YMCA and YWCA Allentown.